Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Happy Birthday!

Nineteen years ago on a Wednesday evening after church, my husband made a bet with me that David, Jr. witnessed. I was HUGELY pregnant, completely miserable and FOUR days overdue with our second child. As we were driving home from church that night, he told me we would be in the hospital before the night was over, I told him he was nuts and we made a bet that whoever won would treat the other to the restaurant of their choice. For the record, at 22 months, I am not too sure how much of a "witness" to that bet our dear David, Jr. actually was!!! Well, not even two hours later, the "process" began and that was a bet I have NEVER regretted losing! So shortly before 5am Thursday morning, July 17th, this little bundle showed up to join our family! I present to you Carrie Jewel!!!

My little bundle turned into a little "princess" rather quickly it seemed!

It wasn't long until the first day of school arrived and thus the beginning of independence!!

Before I could blink twice, she was an 8th grade graduate!

Then came her Senior year of high school and the banquet and I realized that my little girl had "done growed up" on me!!!

Probably the biggest event for her so far happened last November! I think you can figure this one out!

This is my 19 year old daughter and the new "love of her life"! It's just not about mom anymore!! :)

Carrie - I can't tell you how proud I am of you and all that you have become! We tease you endlessly about being the "middle child" and we simply love to watch you go off on your "sugar high"!! I am glad that you have mastered the art of making chili and hope that eventually I can get you to cook other things! Even racquetball is something you are "mastering" although I am sure Josh has more to do with that than the desire to actually play! It is so cool to watch the way you interact so well with your "new" family! It is so wonderful to see the responsible young lady you have become - from buying your first car to working your first job to handling college life! It has been amazing to watch you grow and face challenges and overcome trials! It is a privilege to watch you grow in your relationship with Christ! Your Dad and I are very proud of you! I love you, Carrie!


Carrie said...

Thanx Mommy!! Wow, I'm so old! lol I love you, and the only reason I am what I am today is because of all you have taught me! Thank you for being the best mom ever!! I love you!!!

Josh Kline said...

Happy birthday sweetheart! I love you! Your the best!!!

Linda S said...


Donna said...

Happy Birthday, Carrie!!!!!!!

LaDonna said...

Happy Birthday to the Jeweless!!!! I saw your pretty face on my calendar today and said a prayer that God would bless this year for you!!!!

Mary Ellen said...

Happy Birthday Carrie! Enjoy your last year in your teens. "-)

CrazieChrisa said...

Happy Birthday, again,my dearest sister! Luv ya!!!

Vonnie said...

Awww, Happy B-day Carrie!! Very nice words!