Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jumbled Thoughts

Today I have a "mess" going on in my head and since it is no secret that my blog is often used for "therapy" for the crazy owner of the blog, I feel the need for "therapy" again!!!
Thought number one - do we remember the significance of this day? It is September 11 you know! I remember the panic I felt that day in the administration building at HSBC and the NEED to find my husband and KNOW where my children were! I could not believe that was happening here of all things! Since then I have developed somewhat of a new perspective on it. It was probably the single event that inspired my son to become a United States Marine. I will NEVER forget the July 4th service we attended the summer before he joined. We were in a small church in Virginia and the pastor sang the National Anthem and I looked at my big, strapping 18 year old who had tears streaming down his face and for some reason, I think I knew what was coming! Part of me wants to scream at those responsible for that attack and say "thanks bunches for taking my son away" but there is a larger part of me that literally stands up full of pride for what my son fights for - freedom - MY freedom and YOURS, thank you very much! Yea - this day holds a lot of significance for lots of reasons!
Which leads me to thought number two - politics! I am NOT a blogger about politics. To be honest, I HATE politics in ALL walks of life. Politics in churches literally makes me sick at my stomach! Politics on a local level makes me wonder about people and politics on a national level makes me want to throw something really hard!!!! For the record, I simply refuse to even think about voting for Obama. Just ain't gonna happen! I know - if I am smart, I will think long and hard about what he says. That being said in a small sing-songy voice! No thank you! As for McCain/Palin - hmmmm....thats a mouthful. Let me tell you something, I would vote for him just from watching him try to raise his arms. There - that is exactly how fickle I am!!!! One of our choices has no CLUE what fighting for freedom is about and the other one lived a literal horror story. I know - there is more to it than that but I am pretty much sold and if you need to know why, back up a paragraph! As for Palin, I refuse to worship the ground she walks on since she is female and human and makes mistakes like every one else but I will tell you this - if one more "Christian" says ONE MORE word to me about what a poor mother she must be if she has a pregnant teenager at home, I am going to blow a gasket. At least we know her family is normal! No - I don't condone it but you don't have to walk far to find a "Christian" home with the very same problem in it! Bottom line on politics - it is my humble opinion that we should be VERY grateful we have the privilege of voting for what we want even if no one agrees with us! Which, by the way, comes compliments of the men and women fighting for THAT VERY FREEDOM! (sorry - random yelling!!)
Thought number three - I am cold, have 3 more loads of laundry to do, a sink full of dishes that think I should wash them and a house that needs cleaned up! Guess I had better stop rambling and get off the blog!!!!!


Linda S said...

Leah, there are tears in my eyes as I read your blog. I too remember this day 7 years ago. Your son's new bride was doing her freshmen year in HS in the safety of her living room......and what a difference that day has made in her life. It is not an easy life he has chosen. I too am proud of his fortitude and faithfulness. I am amazed at his abilities. May God bless our Marine and his bride.

CrazieChrisa said...

Okay, Mom just about made me cry with her comment!!!!! I do remember that day....I freaked cuz I just knew they were gonna come blow my house up next. Haha! Little did I know that I would marry a man who would fight back! OORRRAHHHHH! Great blog!!!! GO M/P!!!!!!!!! Yall rock!

Douglas said...

Way to go, Leah!!!!!! I agree 100% with your "if one more 'christian'" comment in regards to Sarah Palin and her family!!

Mary Ellen said...

Hey girl - just got caught up on your blogs. Glad you got a laptop and internet connection so now we can hear from you more often.

House is looking great, looking forward to seeing the rest.

I too was enjoying blogging from the laptop in my kitchen, that came to a screeching halt when I found my internet doohickey thingy in the bottom of a BUCKET OF WATER that was sitting in my laundry room with flowers for Lenita's party on Friday night. My 3 year old had dunked a baby doll and then apparently thought that thingy needed a bath before I discovered him - AUGH!!! He found it laying beside the laptop on the kitchen counter (silly me) while I was hanging Uppercase Living. I guess I should be glad he didn't try to bathe the laptop?!?

Thankfully I DID buy the insurance for $5 a month, won't they be surprised when I appear after only two weeks to get a replacement!?!?

Lady J said...

Bravo Leah! You keep telling it like it is! I too am proud of "our" Marine and the work he is doing.

Vonnie said...

Good stuff!! Go McCain/Palin. I just read his book "Faith of our Fathers"... it tells all about his torture and life as a POW. Very moving!!!