Friday, September 5, 2008

Moving Day

I am back at the library which is turning out to be my favorite place in Frankfort right now! This has to be the coolest place I have been to in awhile!
So I thought I would take a few minutes to share our moving day experiences with you all!
This is what my dining room looked like right before we started loading. Funny - I had waited soooo long for my dining room to be fixed only to have it used for a loading dock!

The empty truck soon to be full! Faithful Matt Thompson, Nathan Hughes, Mark Budensiek, John Dykes, Bruce Finney, Tara and our family along with Josh when he was not in class took care of the loading!

Carrie's car got to experience the trip in perfect ease! Not so the rest of us!

I don't know if you can see it or not but that radar map looks perfectly clear all except that stupid rain hanging right over Hobe Sound!

So - we loaded off and on in the rain! Soooooo much fun!!!! NOT!!!!!

Headed to hook up Carrie's car and get ready to pull out the next morning! We left on Thursday morning, it was just Dave and I in the big moving truck and the kids followed in our car when Josh got out of school. We drove up to South Carolina and ended up getting to meet David and Christa which was a lot of fun! The kids pulled in around 11:30 and we crashed pretty quick after that. David and Christa got up and took off at 3am and we got on the road around 6am. The moving truck was like riding in a tank but we managed to survive!

When we finally saw this sign around 9pm Friday night, we had all become quite confident that Frankfort was just a figment of our imagination!!!!!!

We spent the night with our new Pastor and his family and started unloading around 9am. There were several men from the church that came to help us unload and we were done by 10:30 at the latest! We had a lot of help settling in and it didn't take long!

Yes you see correctly! That is Ashley behind the wheel of the moving truck! Dave let her drive it and when she climbed down out of the cab, the guys were all standing by to give her a standing ovation! It was pretty cool!
So - that is the moving news and next I will do my best to get some pictures of our new house to post but I am not sure when that will happen! Until next time - all you Hobe Sounders enjoy the wind and rain while I have my windows open enjoying the breeze of fall! I know - trust me - you can rub this in in another month or two!!!!!


Tamra said...

Glad you arrived safely! Now if all those boxes would magically unpacked themselves, right?

Vonnie said...

Great to hear your news. Where are you going to church? Do I know the pastor?

Donna said...

Thanks for the update!!!! It just makes us miss you more!!! Enjoy the breezes.....they will soon turn icy cold!! :)

Much Love!!