Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Laziness

I am being lazy! I deserve to be! Yesterday I did some things I have not done in awhile! I baked a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and yes, there are still some left! I baked an Apple Crisp and yes, there is still some left! I baked three, yes I said three loaves of homemade bread and yes, there is still some left! I am also the size of a huge barn but hey, at least I am happy!!!!
The job training is going well and there is more to come starting in the morning bright and early! I am enjoying it so far and have not gotten into trouble yet! Go me!! I am still working on getting into some sort of a schedule with the job and then the housework but we will make it eventually!
Dave is enjoying his work and getting ready to take off for about 5 weeks or so with a week off in the middle! I am happy for him and too proud for words! He keeps us all sane, laughing and living for God!!
Ashley is handling the Algebra II and Chemistry with as much hatred as she can muster! She has a "friend" but that is all I can say about that right now! It sure keeps this house lively though!!
Carrie is currently waiting to board her plane to come back to IN from South Florida! She had a great weekend I am sure but I miss her and am ready for her to come home!
David Jr had to have his wisdom teeth taken out on Friday and is still pretty miserable! He and Christa are doing well although they are facing some pretty tough stuff! I am proud of them and hope to get Christa here in about 3 to 4 weeks or so!!
I have not had our camera out yet and Friday night was one of those times when I should have. We went to a nearby town to meet up with a friend from "way back when"! This town was having what I would call "Bluegrass Night". It was um........ rather interesting - especially watching these two little old ladies dance their jigs! I did my best to not laugh right out loud! However, it was a blast catching up with Nathan and meeting his wife and kids! That was so much fun!!!
So - that is all the news from here for now! I promise I will do my best to get the camera out and post some pictures here and there!!


Mary Ellen said...

Ashley already has a 'friend' - why oh why am I not surprised?! I think I hear hearts breakin' wide open all over H.S. campus. "-)

Leah said...

I was so curious and know this is probably a long shot.... Would it have been my cousin you all visited with last week?
I haven't seen him in ages. His family has certainly grown since I saw him. I just put two and two together knowing how much he enjoy bluegrass.