Monday, October 27, 2008

Some News, Happenings and Pictures

I know - it takes me forever to update my blog now and I am very sorry about that! Maybe it will get easier now that I have Internet at the house! Then again - maybe not! With the wacky schedule around here, only time will tell!
So.....we have had company, been freezing, we have been working and freezing, Dave has been traveling and freezing, we have continued settling in and freezing! By the way, have I mentioned that we have been freezing????????
This first picture is of Ashley and her "friend" Andrew. He is a very nice guy and we really like him. He seems to fit in with this wacky family quite well and so far has managed to pass the inspection of the following: sister Carrie, sisters boyfriend Josh, sister-in-law Christa, Mom (pretty important), Dad (VERY important) and she is still holding out hope that the brother will eventually give his approval!!!

This is what my couch looked like the first time that Andrew got to meet Josh and Christa!

Then Ashley got to go to Youth Challenge for the first time and really enjoyed herself! While she was gone, the rest of us decided to go see this guy - Mark Lowry!

He was joined by Stan Whitmire who not only could play the piano very well but also was a pretty good bass singer!

Also joining Mark was Lordsong and they were really good!!

We ended up sitting three rows from the front directly in the center of the stage so we could not have asked for better seats! The concert was really good! Mark Lowry is an absolute hoot but there were also some great songs that spoke to us!
Dave has been traveling and is getting ready to leave again tomorrow. He is doing well and I am so proud of him! I miss him tons when he is gone but I am so thankful that God has given him the desires of his heart!
I am still learning my job and trying to adjust to a different work schedule. It is interesting but so far I am enjoying it!
Carrie is enjoying her job and had a great time with Josh here this past weekend. She is already counting down the days till she goes to Florida for Thanksgiving!
Ashley seems to be having the time of her life in school and out of school! She is trying to keep up with her blog so check in with her for more details on her life!!
David will return home from training tomorrow and Christa is thrilled to no end! She really enjoyed being here for the week and we loved having her here! It was so neat to see how God has been helping her in her life and listening to how God is leading and guiding them in their lives! I had some family up for lunch on Saturday so they could see Josh and Christa. It was tons of fun and I especially enjoyed getting a whole bag of clothes from my wonderful sister!!
I am exhausted and ready for bed so I am done for now! I have not done a great job with the whole picture taking thing but am going to try to work on that!


Becky said...

Sounds like your freezing but the very busy lives you live that maybe will help keep your blood moving so you won't freeze to death!!! LOL It has gotten cold real quick this year!!

Mary Ellen said...

If it makes you feel any better it's even pretty cold here tonight!!

So Ashley finally found just one to be the special someone huh? I'm sure I hear some sobbing from more than one house. "-)

Now that you have internet I expect more blogging young lady!

Vonnie said...

Andrew looks very nice... I'm happy for Ashley... and he has a nice name too. ;) Is Dave at my dad's church this week? Somewhere I got that idea... oh, Steve Hight said he was home and looking forward to hearing Dave Fulton speak, si I assumed since he goes to my dad's church, that Dave is speaking there... are you confused yet? :)

Ashley said...

Oh please, Mary Ellen!!!! lol :)

LaDonna said...

I think Ashely and Andrew look great together! I'm anxious to see them in person this weekend. As for freezing...that makes me smile! :)

Beth said...

I hope you weren't close enough to Mark Lowery for him to spit on you!! He was sick that night, had been throwing up all day!!! Tell Ashley her "friend" is very handsome!!!!

Ashley said...

Oh trust me, I know!!!!! :-D

Leah said...

Vonnie - yes Dave is at your Dad's church this week! I don't think I was too confused but then if I was it would be okay because I live most of my life that way!!!

CharleneOwensMomof2 said...

I don't envy you on the freezing thing!! Ashley's friend is a cutie (I am a sucker for dimples) and yuck on the Mark Lowry spitting on you after throwing up all day thing. Okay, I know I am way behind in reading blogs...what's new? Mark Lowry is a hoot and I am glad you got to get a good laugh in. Tell Ashley I am happy for her and tell Carrie that I am keeping my calendar handy for when I hear she is engaged and when the wedding date is and I'll mark it on my calendar to do her cake(s).