Friday, October 31, 2008

Just me doing what I do best - TALKING!

For the record, I have voted! These mean people that don't like Obama or McCain either one and so have decided to not vote at all need to be shipped to ---- I don't know, maybe CUBA!!!!! Anyway, I think that prayer is the answer and then I think that whatever the outcome is, we have to accept it as the will of our ALL-KNOWING heavenly Father and live RIGHT before Him like we never have before! So, that is my take on politics and I am sure you are all pleased that I am nowhere NEAR that election ticket!!!

My favorite topic to blog about - my husband! I love that man! He is ....... hmmmm....I just went for a loss of words if you can believe that! Being in IN has reminded me of years gone by and I have gotten sappy! I am so incredibly thankful for the man I married and am thrilled that God has taught us to trust HIM in our marriage and to look to HIM for guidance and direction! More than one person thought this marriage would never make it past 6 months and I am THRILLED to no end to have proved them wrong! I am just smart enough to believe that but for the grace of God we would not have made it but learning about true commitment has made it happen! Anyway, I just wanted to brag on him today and tell you all that I married the best man in the world and am thrilled to death to get to spend the rest of my life with him!!

My job - I have thought off and on through my "short" life that I would enjoy working at a bank and the truth is...I DO enjoy it! I like my job, the pay is good, the insurance will be good once it kicks in and I enjoy the people I work with! I have handled more money in the last 4 weeks than I will ever handle in my entire personal life but hey, I can definitely dream!!!

My kids - oh wow! Do I have to go there?!?! Just kidding! David returned home safe and "sound" from his training! I am telling you that sometimes when he calls all I can do is laugh! He is a total nut!! At this moment it looks like he is staying on "home" soil for awhile and we are all glad for that! Probably no one is happier about that than Christa! I have a jewel for a daughter-in-law by the way!!! Carrie is working, learning what it means to spend her money keeping a car running and missing Josh! She is headed to FL for Thanksgiving and the countdown has already begun! I think Josh is a wonderful person to put up with this nutty family like he does!! Ashley has finished her first quarter of school, NOT enjoying Algebra II or Chemistry either one but loving her life OUTSIDE of school! Enough said!

My church - I haven't really blogged about this yet but I am getting ready to! As a matter of fact, that will be my blog tomorrow sometime AFTER I get off work and get back from a wedding and get my house cleaned up for Sunday!!!


Angie Davis said...

Be nice when you blog about your church, my dear! :o)

Janiece said...

AMEN Sister!!! We don't have to like everything about our Pres. Candidates, but we DO HAVE TO VOTE!!!!! I get SO upset at people when they don't vote and they choose not to put their trust and faith in God who has EVERYTHING under control! I will now get off my soap box, HA! --We are so glad you are a part of our church!