Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Memories and "Stuff"

I am sitting here all tucked into my chair with more than one blanket over me, "borrowing" my husbands laptop and trying desperately to recover from the stomach flu. It has not been a blessed day and a half but I did manage to lose a little over 4 pounds in a very unpleasant manner!! And so --- I blog!
This past Saturday we went and spent the day with my brother, his two girls and other family. We were trying to help Jim become a little more organized and make their house seem a little more like home to him and the girls. They had moved in I think in April and had just not been able to hang curtains or pictures and do those little things that make a house a home. While driving through town, we took a short trip down memory lane for Dave and I.
I was born in Ohio and lived there for the first 15 years of my life. If I tried to go find all the houses I lived in and take pictures of them and blog about them, there would be no memory left at all on either computer!! When I moved to Indiana in December of 84, this is the house we moved into. There was originally Dad, Mom, brother Jim and myself I think but now that I think about it, I am not even sure about that! Anyway, this is the house where we lived! I left there a couple of weeks later to go to Union Bible Academy for the rest of my high school, met Dave and the rest is history!

Right across the street from that house was this little house that became our very first home. If you turned around once, you saw it all!! It was a one bedroom, one bathroom but it was home for us and the house where we brought David Jr home to for the first time!

The first window on the left was in the living room and we eventually had David's dresser and changing table (all in one thanks to the handiwork of Dad and Mom Fulton) right under it! The next window doubled as the hallway and dining room! Yes I said that right!!! The last window was in the kitchen! The bedroom and bathroom was right off where our little table sat! Oh the memories!!

This is the house that my parents moved to some time later. We had already moved away from Bluffton I think. This is the house where they lived up until the time my Dad passed away! It looks a little different now but I just could not seem to stop the flood of memories that came over me!

I cannot believe the time that has passed and all the things we have been through and the places we have been in the last 21+ years! The thought that has stuck with me though is this: "Look what the grace of God has done for my family!"


Linda S said...

Very interesting. I enjoyed being with David and Christa this weekend. Hopefully Christa will show some pictures of David holding the baby. David had all the neighbor kids wrapped around his finger. One time I yelled out the door to him, "Do you feel like the guy on "Pacifier"? He assured me he did. :)

Vonnie said...

I love going back to places I once lived and remembering all the wonderful times I had there.