Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some Holiday Thoughts

This past week my husband has been away in a revival and each evening when he called, he would remind me that I had not updated my blog yet so I thought I would surprise him!

There is really nothing new to blog about right now! Life is just going on! I do not worry about the stock market dropping since they do not have any of my money anyway. I am not panicked about the new President - thankfully he is NOT God so he does not deserve the energy it takes to worry! I am freezing but then everyone already knows that so there is no reason to keep complaining about Indiana's nasty weather!

So - what is this week about anyway? One of my major pet peeves is that we tend to go from Halloween (which I can't stand to begin with) to Christmas and skip right over Thanksgiving. It would be a shame if Christians were actually thankful right? My husbands family is getting together for our Christmas on Thanksgiving day so that should be fun! Family is something I am definitely thankful for!

My thoughts about the holidays are somewhat different this year than normal. I am somewhat conscious about the financial aspect of things as I am sure many others are. I despise spending money at Christmas time unless you are my husband or one of my children. I know - that makes me weird but since this is my blog, I can be that way if I want!! :)) Anyway, the question begs to be asked....just what is too much to do or too much to spend and where is the "line" that we can cross into too much?? First of all, you have to remember that my family has changed. It is not just us 5 anymore - we have added Christa and Josh and now Ashley has a ......... friend. I am completely accepting of this but I think I am being a bad mom and picking a "favorite". Let me explain. Anyone remember where David Jr was last year through the Holiday season? If you know me at all, you were fully aware of where he was since it was my main topic of conversation. Since I am a list person, I already have a list made of gifts I need to buy, the menu for Christmas week and the grocery list to go along with it. I am determined that my favorite son (which is okay to say since he is my only son) will have whatever he wants to eat while he is at home to somehow make up for the fact that last year his holiday meals left much to be desired. However, in my quest for the "perfect" Christmas for him, I am wondering just where is "too much"? I don't believe I have raised spoiled children. They always had pretty decent holiday times between both sets of grandparents and their own parents "gift-giving". But - things are a little different and I am thinking that maybe my kids and "kids" in general of all ages, need to be reminded of what is really important and that is that we are all alive and we are all together and what can be better than that?!?!?!

For now, the lists are still in my notebook and my plans have not changed but I am pondering the thoughts about what is "too much". I love my family - ALL of them and I can't tell you how excited we are about getting to be together for the week of Christmas. My little house will be full and running over but I am sure none of us will care. Why? Because we are all alive, happy, healthy and blessed beyond words!!!!


Mary Ellen said...

I refuse to skip over Thankgiving, I don't think there is anything wrong with putting up Christmas decorations before then, but my personal preference for our home is that I don't take down Fall and put up Christmas until after Thanksgiving Day. It's just my own personal way of showing to our children the importance of Thanksgiving Day (even though it isn't a religious holiday per say) and not "skipping over it" or rushing through it. Putting up Christmas early certainly isn't a moral or religious right or wrong, but for us we want to remember the importance of being thankful and along with that we want to keep the holidays seperate so we always finish one before starting the next. I love EVERYTHING about Christmas so it would be easy for me to skip/rush through Thanksgiving but I plan on keeping it this way and resisting the urge to start it too soon for us. "-) Stay warm!!

Angie Davis said...

I'm a lousy Yankee in this respect. I still think the Canadians had the right idea--putting Thanksgiving in October so that the two holidays are not smashed together.

I have started to feel like I have no choice but to decorate right before Thanksgiving because as soon as it's over, the Christmas busyness is on top of us.

Still, we love Thanksgiving and are planning to take a few days and relax with family and count out blessings.

Becky said...

I truly love Thanksgiving the most of all holiday's except with the 4th of July being right close since I love celebrating America's Freedom while we still have it and that's something to be thankful for. I like reading you blog.

LaDonna said...

I too think that we totally skip Thanksgiving too easily. So glad you're going to have all the kids home for Christmas. We're looking forward to spending less money and spending more TIME on each other this season. Hope you can enjoy the holidays this year to make up for last!!!

Janella Thompson said...

I to wish the Christians didn't skip over Thanksgiving. Very thoughtful post.

On a side note...ashley's "Friend" Andrew...I have met him at Pilgrim Youth camp. Mom really liked him and said he was a great boy. Not to mention Ashley has great taste! And yeah he would have to be goofy to fit in with your family. Coming from one goofball family to another. Glad to hear your back in these parts. I kind of wondered when I saw you at Old Fashion day...and thought you were a ways from home. Guess you really were not that far after talking to mom about ya'll. Hope your Thanksgiving is great.

Vonnie said...

Good, interesting post!