Monday, February 16, 2009

An Overdue Blog

I know that this is a few days overdue but it is time to blog about a certain event that happened a few weeks ago. It has taken me awhile to work up the courage to do it but here goes. This is pretty earth-shattering news so that is why it has taken me so long to do it.

A few weeks ago, something happened that really bothered me a lot. It has caused me great concern but I feel like I am dealing with it pretty well. You see, I am now officially old!!! I turned 40 and I can say that I have never been the same! I think my eyes are going bad! I now have more than one grey hair! There is no such thing as losing weight! That is an absolute impossibility! I am sleeping - or not. It takes forever to shut my brain off and when it does I finally get to fall asleep!!! I am having pains in my feet that just never used to happen before!! My back gets sore easier than ever!! Things are just not the same!!

Ok the previous paragraph is pretty much a joke!! Although I did have a birthday and I did turn 40, and I do have grey hair - the rest is not really true!! I did not have a party and that is ok! I really didn't do anything to celebrate at all besides work. I received a really pretty bouquet of flowers from my friends in Florida - and no, like a dummy I did not get a picture. I know - not smart!! A few days later, Dave and I went out to the Olive Garden to celebrate both our birthdays since his is a few days after mine! We really had a great time!!

So, I am now 40 and I guess I am supposed to be an adult! Yea - for most people that is supposed to happen shortly after 18 but for me, let's just say that it takes me longer than normal to do things!! I was hoping to be able to accomplish some things before I turned 40! Some of them I have managed to accomplish and some I haven't. For now, I am planning on just enjoying my life and living it to the fullest!


Mary Ellen said...

Oh man, no picture!?!?! Sigh, OK, I'll forgive you.

Glad you didn't start falling apart the day you turned 40. I have realized it comes in handy when you need something to blame things in "Oh I forgot all about that, must be that whole turning 40 thing" and people just smile and tell you it's OK. Works great, for now at least, wonder how long that will last....

Anonymous said...

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