Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Family Update

Well, lets see - what is new at the funny farm? Anyone want to know? Anyone? Anywhere?
Dave has worked steady this week for which we are thankful. This morning he woke up and started getting this nasty cold and junk that is going around here. I am hoping that a day of rest will knock it out pretty quick. By the way, for the record, I had a great Valentine's Day with the best husband in the world!
David made it safely home from his training and wants everyone to know that the desert is not always warm!! I think he got rather cold a time or two!! :)) I know that Christa is really glad to have him home!
Josh is here visiting and so we have been busy planning the wedding. We looked at a place yesterday for the reception so we will see if that works out. We also took advantage of some GREAT sales at Michael's and Hobby Lobby and got some decorations for the wedding. That was pretty exciting! Carrie is pretty sick today so she has spent the day on the couch. She has the next two days off so hopefully that will help her get over hers quickly.
Ashley is surviving school and will be starting her first job this next week. I told her I am looking forward to borrowing money from her in the near future!!! She has started in this afternoon not feeling all that great so there goes number 3 in this family!
Can anyone sense a trend here? Anyone see anything in common? So help me if I get sick I am not going to be a happy patient!!!!!
That's it for now! Who knows? Maybe one of these days I will have something interesting to blog about! For now, sickness is the theme and it is a boring one so I am going to shut up!


Mary Ellen said...

When I read the first two/three sentences I was raising my hand - did you see me? (I wasn't really on the outide but I was on the inside.)

Did you take a picture of your flowers? I'd love to see them, email it to me. Got your nice note, great to hear from you.

Hope everyone feels better soon!

tacomom said...

Everyone has been sick in one way or another here too! It's the drastic weather change, I do believe!

Jody J said...

Sorry, Leah. I must've breathed on ya. :)