Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Powerful Word

I have been doing some thinking recently about a lot of tough spots that different people I know are going through.
A horrible wreck that claimed the lives of a precious mother and her two little children.
A little 17 month old girl that has cancer and is very weak - whose parents and other family members must be devastated.
Another little 7 year old girl who passed away very unexpectedly - whose family must be in complete shock.
The hurt of a relationship not going the way that was planned.
The struggle of not knowing where money is coming from for bills in this tough financial time.
The emotional depression that has some looking for any small ray of hope.
The dark spiritual valley that seems to have no end in sight - God feels very far away in the eyes of the one walking through that valley.

We often find ourselves looking for the right words to say to people when they are going through situations like I have mentioned. I mean - how do you pray for a family who has lost a child? What do you say? You can't say that you understand because you don't - unless you have been there. We say that prayer is all we have but praying the right words seems so hard. Of course, its easy for us to pray if we are NOT in any of those situations!

So - what power is in a word?
A word that brings healing when sickness overtakes us.
A word that brings peace when our heart is troubled.
A word that brings comfort when we are overcome with grief.
A word that brings wisdom when we cannot see the end of the valley.
A word that brings light when the darkness will not go away.

That name would be..........Jesus.

There really isn't much else to say now is there?


Leah said...

Thanks for sharing!!

Angie Davis said...

Love it, Leah! Thanks...

Pecks Place said...

Very well said!! Thank you.