Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Memory and A Story

Several years ago when we lived in East Tennessee, we were privileged to have Albert Barr as the evangelist at the church we were attending. As a matter of fact, we moved in on a Friday or Saturday and the revival started that following Monday I think. Talk about perfect timing! During this revival, Bro. Barr preached a message I don't think I will ever forget. He gave his text as Job 1 and he said, "The chapter begins with 'there was a man' and a few verses down it says 'there was a day' and it was a BAD day". He proceeded to preach one of the funniest messages I think I have ever heard. He told us that there were times in our lives when we just needed to laugh and I guess he thought that this was one of those times.

Well, time has passed and I have not forgotten that message. Last week I kept saying, "There was a family and there was a week and it was a BAD week". I tried to keep things in perspective though - there were a lot of people who were having weeks that were a whole lot worse than I mine! We had AWFUL weather! And I do mean AWFUL! We had ice everywhere and then snow - TONS of snow! My lovely place of employment was closed for a half day on Tuesday and all day Wednesday and for a bank, that should say something about the weather.

A family in our church had suffered a loss of their newborn daughter and since our Pastors were both gone, the family had asked Dave to preach the funeral Sunday afternoon. So, he was to preach at church Sunday morning, have the funeral Sunday afternoon and preach at church again on Sunday night. Now - just what do preachers need to do when they are scheduled to preach?? Yes - that would be study!! But no - Saturday was just not a good day! We woke up to - MORE snow! Again - this was no small amount of snow either! I had to work so I headed to the gas station first and guess what? I couldn't get the gas flap open!!!! So, I came on to work and called Dave who very kindly offered to bail me out of trouble and drive to the bank to get the car and put gas in it! Well, on his trip to the bank he discovered that the weather was a lot worse than he had originally thought so he offered to stick around and lead us all back to town so that if there were any problems - he would be able to help us out! Guess who ended up needing the help?? Yea - that would be me! Want to know why???? Well, as we were all creeping along the road through 3 or more inches of snow, this.................person decided to blow through a stop sign and plow into my car and send me spinning across the road where I slammed into a ditch!! My pretty green car!!! I was shaking (from fear of course) and trying to find my phone which had flown off my lap to call Dave who was just in front of me and was already on his way back! The above mentioned..........person came and opened my passenger door and said, "Man - you slid right into me"! EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?! Did I hear you correctly????? No - I didn't say it but I sure thought it!! :))) I pretty much ignored him and just started talking to Dave! A girl I worked with had been right behind me and saw the whole thing and she was quite determined to stick around and make SURE the cops knew that I was NOT a fault! That was kinda funny really! Anyway, the nice cop came and filled out the nice report on the not so nice........person. Then the nice wrecker driver came and got my not so nice car out of the ditch and took it to its potential final resting place. And yes, as of today, it is totaled. My pretty green car is no longer pretty thanks to that........person!! Suffice it to say, my poor husband did not get to spend Saturday like he was planning to! But - as I knew 'twould be - God stepped in and helped Dave through both church services and the funeral! Wow - he did such a good job and I was ever so proud of him!! Oh and for the record, my body hurt like it had been hit by a semi (and still hurts to be frank)!! And so begins the process of car shopping which is not one of my favorite activities but we will do it nonetheless!

Oh and let's brighten the week up by saying that tax time for those who are self-employed is absolutely NOT FUN!!!!

However, on a bright note - there have been some powerful songs going through my mind in recent days as I have survived this week and thought about those around me and close to me that are hurting so deeply. My husband has been going around the house singing a song and the one line that has been standing out to me is this - "For the Potter knows the clay". There is no greater reassurance than that my friend! THE Potter - MY Potter knows how much I can take and while I may think differently, HE knows what is best for me! And that - causes me to rest in Him!


The Dickinsons said...

Enjoyed catching up on your blog again. Fun seeing your family picture with my cousin Christa and and updated pic of their sweet baby.
Sorry you had such a rough week...it sounds sad. =(
Hope you are feeling better. =)

The Dickinsons said...

Leah, Thank you for your nice comment on my "from my heart" post! It was nice hearing from you! =)

Pamela said...

I hate to laugh at your expense, but reading it in a condensed form was just so funny.

I'll be praying for the couple who lost their baby. Pains my heart.