Friday, July 25, 2014


Today I am heading here! I know - it isn't the greatest picture but it is the only one I could get my hands on right now!  :)
Just outside of Muncie, Indiana sits this lovely little place on about 5 acres of beautifully shaded land.  It holds a very special place in my heart!
Dave and I started dating in the month of February and that June, he invited me to his church youth camp.  I think a little later in August, I went for family camp but it has been long enough ago that my memory is a little bit "faded"!  :)
With few exceptions, we have been at family camp just about every year since then.  If you want to hear any traveling stories of our trips from Florida to Indiana, just ask my kids.  Probably the most memorable would be the time I think David, Jr started out driving us home that Sunday night but shortly after he ran his second stop light in New Castle I realized he was "sleep-driving".  Not good.
Anyway - MUCH has changed since that first visit so long ago.  The Central Yearly Meeting of Friends will be convening their annual family camp in just about 10 or 11 hours.  One major change is that Dave is now the Superintendent of this group which is really cool for him and very nerve-wracking for me!  :)  It is an extremely busy time for him is the best part!
In my mind and heart, God chooses to meet with us in a very special way every single year.  I would have to say that just about every year is different.  This year will be no exception to that I am sure.  I am ready and that is what I am telling God throughout this day.  I am ready for what He has in store for us!
Lately I have been thinking of those older saints who are no longer with us.  I think this is really because of the loss of Sis. Emma Grile in the last few weeks.  She hasn't been at camp for a few years but now she is in Heaven.  There was something about her that absolutely radiated Jesus Christ.  And, when she prayed you knew with no doubts her prayers were being heard.  My prayer is that God will help me have a fresh and renewed vision of the power of prayer. 
So - I am anxiously awaiting this day to be over so I can run a couple last minute errands, take care of the last minute things at home, pack the last minute things and not get a speeding ticket between home and camp!  :) Have a blessed day! 

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Angie D said...

I had SO hoped this would be the year I would finally get to come to Friends Camp. Maybe next year...