Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pics From the Weekend

I thought I would try to post a few pictures from our weekend with David. Enjoy! The "descriptions" are above each picture!

We hadn't been at the hotel but about 30 minutes than this was the activity going on! Let me tell you they both were sawing logs!!!

This was David's main activity since the cell phone was going home with me the next day!

Doesn't he look excited and happy???

He is awake but that is about it!! Not to sure if he should smile or not!

I know - he looks just like me!!!

My Marine and I before we left on Sunday!

The Marine and his hero, his Dad!!

His last minute phone call before we headed out! Bet ya don't know who he was talking to, do ya??

Headed up the steps to his barracks - giving us his last wave!

My last sight of him! Yes I was crying and no, I was NOT happy!!

This was a sign I saw on a gazebo headed out of Jacksonville, NC. We actually saw lots and lots of these but this one really caught my eye!!

I attend Sunday School with at least two people I work with. The owner and VP were both in SS on Sunday morning when my friend Tara requested prayer for us since pretty much no one knew what was going on!! So when I got to work on Monday a couple of the guys brought this banner out and hung it above the window that is right across from my desk!! It was so nice of them and I was very thankful for their thoughts!!!!


Ashley said...

ok....excuse me while i go cry now.....That's awesome!!!!

CrazieChrisa said...

Ashley, pass the tissues my way when you are through...please! LOVE the pictures!!! Can you send them to me??? The picture of our last phone call makes me wanna cry:-( LOVE what the guys are work did for you!!!

LaDonna said...

Thanks for posting those...I'm sure you were bawling!!! I know I would've been. Any news from him yet? The boys want to send some stuff for Christmas, so let us know when and where, if you can.

maryellenhuff said...

That banner is so sweet - what a thoughtful thing for them to do!!!

We'll have to get one of those banners to welcome him back like they hang for campmeeting or the Christmas parade and stretch across the main street when he comes back home!

~Heather~ said...

Thanks for posting these neat pictures. I cannot imagine how HARD those goodbyes must have been. I thought the poster you saw on the way out of town was neat. And I was sooo GLAD that your work put up that neat poster for you above your desk. How special!

Love, Heather =)

Vonnie said...

Wow! That is an awesome banner. We have some great promises in the Bible that we can lean on. We'll be praying for you!!

Andrea said...

Leah - we have been praying for you all and David's safety and well-being while he is in Iraq! Thanks for the sacrifices your family is making for our freedoms, along with David.
When you have a chance, send his Iraq address to my yahoo blog - we would like to send care packages - and a list of suggestions would be great as well!

CrazieChrisa said...

I LOVE Mary Ellen's idea about the banner!!!! We really should do that when he comes home!!!!

Philip Case said...
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