Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Cleaning - Sort Of?!?!

Ok - here is a confession. If the furniture in my house stays in one place for too long, I have serious issues with it so I move it around - a lot! Just ask my family! Usually when Dave is gone for awhile, right before he gets home he will ask me what I have done so that he is somewhat prepared for the changes when he walks in the door. As a side note, a piece of advice! If you are going to move the stuff around especially in the living room, make sure you warn him if he is going to arrive back home in the evening when the lights will be out! Anyway, I have been in the mood for some rearranging recently so that is what I did Thursday night and some on Friday night and even some on Saturday. It took me awhile to get it figured out but I finally did and the living room is different once again! I feel so much better!
Which brings to me the real point of my blog today. I am sure that you all remember those dreaded spring cleaning days as a child. I certainly do and since my mom reads this I am sure that our memories will not match! I HATED wiping down paneling with Murphy's Oil Soap and can still smell that stuff to this day! I hated having to clean out my closets and drawers. It was annoying!! I could never figure out why all that cleaning had to be done anyway but every spring and every fall, we cleaned and I mean we cleaned. Now, my sister would probably tell you that she cleaned and I played ball which is probably pretty close to the truth but I still remember dreading those times! As a matter of fact, I am not one who plans those spring and fall "cleanings" at all! I clean when it needs it and I am in the mood! Other than that, don't look too close at the dirt!
Lately, I have been working on some other "cleaning" around me and that is the cleaning that goes on on the inside. I have been working on getting rid of some "clutter" in my life. For instance, my husband preaches a message about going into your prayer closet and some things that could hinder you from doing that. Sometimes we do not go into our prayer closet because there is too much junk in there - like hurt feelings and family struggles and old smelly attitudes. Anyway, recently I feel that God has been talking to me about my level of commitment to Him and the things in my life that are hindering that commitment. So - I have been doing some cleaning and "decluttering". I am making progress but I will say that I am not there yet. I think that I still have quite a ways to go actually! Sometimes letting go of past hurts and struggles is almost like getting rid of old clothes. I wish I could let go of some of that stuff as easy as it is for me to get rid of clothes I can't wear anymore since I am losing weight. It is interesting that some things are so easy to get rid of and other things just seem to hang around for awhile.
I am really not sure if this makes much sense but I wanted to put it down in writing! I am very thankful that God chooses to still speak to me on the issues that He sees in my life that do not please Him! Sometimes when I am cleaning, I cut my fingers up or put some bruises on my body! It can be a painful experience! In the same way, the cleaning out that God needs to do can be just as painful and that I know for a fact! But in the end, when the house is all done and the cleaning has been accomplished, I feel so much better! I am sure that when this "cleaning" is done, I will feel a lot better too!


A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Who did you say was the preacher in your family?? That was a great blog. I hate spring cleaning. I refrain from doing it as much as possible. But every once in a while it has to be done. It is absolutely necessary. Thanks for reminding us of this. Have a great day.

Angie Davis said...

I love spring cleaning, to be honest. (Just enough of a neurotic...) I'm pretty sure my heart could use a little decluttering lately too. Thanks for the reminder!

Vonnie said...

So true!