Friday, May 30, 2008

The Latest in News

First of all, I have to tell you something I find funny! It seems that quite frequently someone will tell me or maybe Dave that they read my blog. It just cracks me right up!! I never knew I was of the popular sect!! Oh wait - I'm not....those people are just bored!! Anyway, I do find it funny and for me right now, I will take whatever laughs I can get!!
The big news of the week is that Carrie is now the proud owner of her very first car! I would post a picture but you will have to wait a few days. My camera and her car are very rarely in the same spot!! We are very happy for her and also very excited that there is no debt for the car! Well, not unless you count the debt to her parents!! But - she has a 1990 White Nissan Maxima with tinted windows, a sunroof, cold air and the completely necessary awesome stereo!! Just one more step down that road of independence! And no, I am not crying about that! Josh may be since he doesn't have to drive her places anymore!!!! Anyway, a very definite answer to prayer this week!
Life is definitely interesting I will say that. There seems to be a lot going on and sometimes I wonder how some things will turn out. I have learned one thing - you never know what some people are going through. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in our own struggles that we forget how others are hurting. Sometimes it looks like people have it all together on the outside but there is another entirely different story going on on the inside. I have been asking God to help me see the hurts people are feeling for I know what it is like to feel "passed by". Sometimes all it takes is to just step out of the box and let someone know we care.
Anyway, that is the latest news from here! I know - profound, huh???

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Vonnie said...

Very cool!! So happy for Carrie.